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  • Quarterly capital expenditures totaled $374 million, below the low end of guidance. Full-year 2016 capital expected to be less than the original $1.5 billion estimate.
  • Delivered substantial cost reductions versus guidance and the prior year. On a BOE basis, LOE averaged $3.63 (excluding the Isabela workover in the Gulf of Mexico), down 34 percent from the first quarter of last year.
  • Maintained robust financial position, including $5 billion in liquidity, comprised of cash and a $4 billion undrawn credit facility. The Company's investment grade credit ratings were affirmed by all three credit rating agencies.
  • Reported quarterly sales volumes of 416 MBoe/d, substantially higher than the Company's guidance and an increase of eight percent compared to the first quarter of last year (proforma for the Rosetta Resources Inc. merger) as a result of strong underlying asset performance. Raised full-year 2016 volume guidance by four percent from 390 MBoe/d to 405 MBoe/d.
  • Commenced production on the Company's first two Delaware Basin wells in Reeves County, Texas. The IP-30 rates were 382 Boe/d and 261 Boe/d per thousand lateral feet, above the Tier 1 Wolfcamp A type curve and confirming the quality and extent of Noble Energy's acreage position.
  • Sold a first quarter record 266 MMcf/d, net, of natural gas in Israel, reflecting enhanced dispatch of natural gas over coal to fuel power generation.
  • Received $238 million in total asset sale proceeds during the quarter, including for the sale of the undeveloped Tanin and Karish fields in Israel, the farm-down of interest in Block 12 offshore Cyprus, and certain non-core asset sales in the U.S. unconventional business.

HOUSTON, May 04, 2016 -- Noble Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NBL) ("Noble Energy" or "the Company") today announced results for the first quarter of 2016, including an adjusted net loss(1) of $228 million, or $0.53 per diluted share, excluding the impact of certain items not typically considered by analysts in published estimates. The reported net loss for the quarter was $287 million or $0.67 per diluted share. EBITDAX(1) (earnings before interest expense, income taxes, depreciation, depletion, and amortization, and exploration expenses) and Adjusted EBITDAX(1) were $406 million and $518 million, respectively. Capital expenditures for the quarter were $374 million.

Total Company volumes for the first quarter of 2016 increased to 416 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day (MBoe/d), up 31 percent from the first quarter of 2015. Liquids comprised 45 percent (31 percent crude oil and condensate and 14 percent natural gas liquids) of first quarter 2016 volumes, with natural gas accounting for 55 percent. Compared to the first quarter of 2015, total liquids volumes were higher by 50 thousand barrels per day (MBbl/d), split evenly between crude oil and natural gas liquids. U.S. sales volumes for the quarter totaled 306 MBoe/d, while International sales volumes were 110 MBoe/d. Total sales volumes were lower than produced volumes by approximately two thousand barrels per day (MBbl/d) due to the timing of liquids liftings in Equatorial Guinea.

A portion of the increase in total Company volumes for the first quarter of 2016 over 2015 was a result of the merger with Rosetta Resources Inc. ("Rosetta") in July of 2015. The associated assets, including Eagle Ford and Permian Basin properties, contributed volumes totaling more than 60 MBoe/d in the first quarter of 2016. Excluding these assets, total Company sales volumes were up 12 percent compared to the initial quarter of 2015. This increase was driven by onshore U.S. horizontal completions and production optimization, as well as the startup of the Big Bend and Dantzler oil fields in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Higher Israel natural gas sales to satisfy growing demand for power generation also contributed to the increase. Sales volumes in West Africa, while lower than the first quarter of last year, were better than anticipated as a result of reduced downtime at Alba in Equatorial Guinea for the B-3 compression platform installation and turnaround activities.

David L. Stover, Noble Energy's Chairman, President and CEO, commented, "We are off to a solid start this year and have made substantial progress on our goals for 2016. Our high-quality and diverse portfolio is delivering strong results, giving us the confidence to lower our full year capital and cost outlook while raising volumes substantially. We have aligned our business within cash flows and are continuing to protect our investment-grade balance sheet. Significant capital efficiency gains and outstanding operating performance, combined with robust liquidity, position us well in any price scenario."

Total lease operating expense (LOE) and general and administrative (G&A) costs were essentially flat to first quarter 2015 levels, even with an approximate 100 MBoe/d increase in volume period over period. On a barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) basis, first quarter 2016 LOE averaged $4.25, down 22 percent from the same period in 2015, despite the impact of the Isabela workover in the Gulf of Mexico during the first quarter of 2016. Excluding this item, LOE per BOE was $3.63, down 34 percent period over period. G&A cost synergies from the Rosetta transaction are already exceeding the $40 million annual expectation.

Production taxes for the first quarter of 2016 included a $28 million accrual for the future refund of prior year severance taxes related to U.S. onshore assets. Transportation and gathering expense totaled $2.83 per BOE and reflected a change in accounting classification as all gas-processing costs are now reflected in transportation and gathering expense. Depreciation, depletion and amortization expenses for the quarter reflected higher Israel and West Africa volumes versus expectation. Exploration expense for the 2016 quarter included the majority of costs associated with the Silvergate well and various seismic and other geoscience costs. The Company's income tax rate for the first quarter of 2016 was 37 percent, with essentially all of the total income tax provision being deferred.

Adjustments to the Company's net loss for the first quarter of 2016 included unrealized commodity derivative losses, primarily related to existing crude oil hedging positions, as well as a gain on the extinguishment of debt resulting from the successful tender offer for prior Rosetta notes. Also included in adjustments for the quarter was the write-off of certain capitalized costs associated with a rig contract termination offshore the Falkland Islands.

Noble Energy, Inc.
Summary Statement of Operations
(in millions, except per share amounts, unaudited)
  Three Months Ended
March 31,
  2016 2015
Crude Oil and Condensate $ 365   $ 431
Natural Gas 287   276
Natural Gas Liquids (1) 53   42
Income from Equity Method Investees 19   18
Total Revenues 724   767
Operating Expenses    
Lease Operating Expense 161   157
Production and Ad Valorem Taxes 4   32
Transportation and Gathering Expense (1) 107   65
Marketing and Processing Expense, Net 22   6
Exploration Expense 163   65
Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization 617   454
General and Administrative 91   94
Other Operating (Income) Expense, Net (19)   28
Total Operating Expenses 1,146   901
Operating Loss (422)   (134)
Other Expense (Income)    
Gain on Commodity Derivative Instruments (44)   (150)
Interest, Net of Amount Capitalized 79   57
Other Non-Operating (Income) Expense, Net (4)   1
Total Other Expense (Income) 31   (92)
Loss Before Income Taxes (453)   (42)
Income Tax Benefit (166)   (20)
Net Loss $ (287)   $ (22)
Loss Per Share    
Loss Per Share, Basic $ (0.67)   $ (0.06)
Loss Per Share, Diluted $ (0.67)   $ (0.06)
Weighted Average Number of Shares Outstanding    
Basic 429   370
Diluted 429   370














September, 22, 08:50:00


Instead, with the planned referendum just days away, Russian state oil giant Rosneft announced its latest investment last week, to help Iraqi Kurdistan develop its natural gas industry, for domestic supplies and eventual export.

September, 22, 08:45:00


Iran exported over 5 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas during the first five months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-August 22), Dispatching director of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) announced.

September, 22, 08:40:00


Gazprom Neft has shipped its second and largest cargo of Iraqi crude to the US since the Badra field, its flagship overseas oil project, came on stream in 2014, the Russian oil company said Tuesday.

September, 22, 08:35:00


Qatargas has agreed to sell 1.5 million tpy of LNG to Turkey’s BOTAŞ Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAŞ) over a period of three years

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