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April 2017

April 2017
April, 27, 20:00:00


"Supported by the OPEC/non-OPEC agreement, Brent prices remained volatile in the context of high inventories and averaged 54 $/b this quarter. In this environment, Total's adjusted net income increased by 56% to $2.6 billion in the first quarter 2017, in line with the strong recent quarterly results of 2016, due to good operational performance and a steadily decreasing breakeven. Excluding acquisitions and asset sales, the Group generated $1.7 billion of cash flow after investments, mainly due to a 63% increase in operating cash flow before working capital changes from the Exploration & Production segment and investment discipline."

April 2017
April, 27, 19:05:00


U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures were trading at $49.37 per barrel at 0644 GMT, down 25 cents, or 0.5 percent from their last close. WTI has lost around 8.5 percent in value from its April peak. Brent crude futures, the international benchmark for oil prices, were at $51.63 per barrel, down 19 cents, or 0.37 percent. Brent is almost 9 percent below its April peak.

April 2017
April, 27, 19:00:00


«Мы заинтересованы в развитии взаимовыгодного партнерства с Боливией в энергетическом секторе и намерены в дальнейшем вести работу по углублению нашего двустороннего взаимодействия. Россия обладает современными технологиями в указанной области и готова предоставить их боливийским партнерам», - подчеркнул Александр Новак.

April 2017
April, 27, 18:55:00


Министр подчеркнул, что Россия и Япония вышли на новый уровень взаимодействия в сфере энергетики. «На предыдущих встречах компаниями было подписано более двадцати двусторонних документов, и наша задача оказывать поддержку в реализации этих проектов и искать новые возможности для развития сотрудничества», - сообщил Министр.

April 2017
April, 27, 18:50:00


The World Bank is holding steady its crude oil price forecast for this year at $55 per barrel, increasing to an average of $60 per barrel in 2018. Rising oil prices, supported by production cutbacks by Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non-OPEC states, will allow markets to gradually rebalance. These oil price forecasts are subject to downside risks should the rebound in the U.S. shale oil industry be greater than expected.

April 2017
April, 27, 18:45:00


“If OPEC and the coalition don’t extend the agreement to continue cuts, that price floor will go,” he said. “Without it, prices would fall, and there’s nothing to stop oil going below $40 a barrel.”

April 2017
April, 27, 18:40:00


Preliminary production figures for March 2017 show an average daily production of 2 145 000 barrels of oil, NGL and condensate, which is an increase of 63 000 barrels per day (approx. 3 percent) compared to February.

April 2017
April, 27, 18:35:00


Revenue for the quarter was $2.3 billion, a decrease of $148 million, or 6%, sequentially. Compared to the same quarter last year, revenue declined $408 million, or 15%. The sequential decrease in revenue was driven primarily by the deconsolidation of the North America onshore pressure pumping business, lower revenue internationally, mainly related to non-recurring year-end product sales, seasonality and price deterioration, and reduced activity in the Gulf of Mexico. This decline was partially offset by activity growth in our North America onshore business, primarily in our well construction product lines.

April 2017
April, 27, 18:30:00


Revenues for the first quarter of 2017 were $1.74 billion, an increase of three percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2016 and a decrease of 20 percent from the first quarter of 2016. Operating loss for the first quarter was $97 million, or 5.6 percent of sales. Excluding other items, operating loss was $70 million, or 4.0 percent of sales. Adjusted EBITDA (operating profit excluding other items before depreciation and amortization) for the first quarter was $105 million, or 6.0 percent of sales, an increase of $3 million from the fourth quarter of 2016. Cash flow from operations for the first quarter was $111 million.

April 2017
April, 25, 18:50:00


The June crude oil contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange dropped 39¢ on Apr. 24 to close at $49.23/bbl. The July contract decreased 39¢ to $49.58/bbl. The natural gas price for May fell 3.5¢ to a rounded $3.07/MMbtu. The Henry Hub cash gas price was $2.98, down 6¢. The Brent crude contract for June on London’s ICE fell 36¢ to settle at $51.60/bbl. The July contract was down 31¢ to $52.13/bbl. The May gas oil contract declined $1.75 to $465.75/tonne. OPEC’s basket of crudes closed Apr. 24 at $49.64/bbl, down 35¢.

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