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2015, September, 8, 18:16:00
Oil declined for a second day after another Russian official ruled out cooperation on production cuts with OPEC, adding to signs that a global oversupply will persist.
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2015, September, 8, 18:13:00
U.S. crude-oil futures remained in negative territory Tuesday in Asian trade, tracking the previous day’s drop in Brent crude when U.S. markets were shut for a holiday.
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2015, September, 7, 19:00:00
US shale producers reported a cash outflow of more than $30bn in the first half of the year, in a sign of the challenges facing the US’s once-booming industry as the slump in oil prices begins to take effect. The shortfall points to a rise in bankruptcies and restructurings in the US shale oil industry, which has expanded rapidly in the past seven years but has never covered its capital expenditure from its cash flow.
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2015, September, 3, 18:55:00
Although unrestricted exports of U.S. crude oil would leave global crude prices either unchanged or falling slightly compared to parallel cases that maintain current restrictions on crude oil exports, other factors affecting global supply and demand will largely determine whether global crude prices remain close to their current level, as in EIA's Low Oil Price case, or rise along a path closer to the Reference case trajectory. Global price drivers, as well as resource and technology outcomes, will affect growth in U.S. crude oil production regardless of decisions about future U.S. crude oil export policies.
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2015, September, 1, 18:40:00
EIA estimates U.S. crude oil production in June 2015 at 9.3 million barrels per day (b/d), a decrease of approximately 100,000 b/d from the revised May 2015 figure. Production estimates released in the PSM for January through May were revised downward by 40,000 b/d to 130,000 b/d. The largest revisions in volume include decreases of oil production in Texas (ranging from about 100,000 b/d to 150,000 b/d) and increases in the federal Gulf of Mexico (ranging from about 10,000 b/d to 50,000 b/d). U.S. crude oil production for the first six months of 2015 averaged 9.4 million b/d.
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2015, June, 23, 18:30:00
Pro-development policies could increase cumulative local, state, and federal government revenue by over $1 trillion and lower average annual household energy expenses by $360 by 2035, according to the study. A path of regulatory constraints would lead to a cumulative decrease of $500 billion in government revenue from 2016 to 2035 and an increase of $242 in average annual household energy costs.
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2015, June, 23, 18:25:00
Declines in oil and natural gas extraction and support employment tend to lag declines in crude oil prices. As prices of North Sea Brent crude oil fell from their June 2014 level of $112 per barrel, firms reduced the number of new wells drilled and the associated workforce. The count of drilling rigs in the United States, as measured by Baker Hughes, totaled 857 for the week ending June 19, 54% below the same point a year ago and the lowest level in nearly six years.
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2015, June, 14, 17:30:00
U.S. Rig Count is down 9 rigs from last week to 859, with oil rigs down 7 to 635, gas rigs down 1 to 221, and miscellaneous rigs down 1 to 3. U.S. Rig Count is down 995 rigs from last year at 1854, with oil rigs down 907, gas rigs down 89, and miscellaneous rigs up 1. The U.S. Offshore rig count is 29, up 2 rigs from last week, and down 30 rigs year over year.
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2015, June, 12, 20:55:00
The expected decrease in shale oil production this summer is causing oil prices to rise. According to the Drilling Productivity report released June 8 by the Energy Information Administration, the government is calling for a 91,000 less barrels per day of shale oil in July. Oil prices seemingly rebounded after the data was released. This news comes on the heels of a decline in oil prices on June 8 due to the Chinese oil crisis concerning oversupply and less demand.
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2015, June, 12, 20:50:00
U.S crude production will dip by as many as 300,000 barrels per day until early 2016 before ramping up again, according to the Energy Information Administration’s latest short-term energy outlook.