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All publications by tag «BANKRUPTCY»

All publications by tag
2019, May, 13, 11:45:00
Oilfield services provider Weatherford International Plc, burdened by a heavy debt load and years of losses, said on Friday it would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
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2018, April, 20, 08:45:00
REUTERS - Offshore oil driller Seadrill (SDRL.OL) plans to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in late June or early July to catch the rising wave of rig market activity, its chief executive told said on Wednesday.
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2017, September, 15, 08:45:00
Seadrill, one of the world’s largest offshore drilling companies, filed for bankruptcy after it secured agreement from nearly all of its banks to support a plan to inject $1bn in new capital and all but wipe out existing shareholders.
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2017, April, 5, 18:30:00
Comprehensive restructuring plan will require a substantial impairment or conversion of our bonds, as well as impairment, losses or substantial dilution for other stakeholders. As a result, the Company currently expects that shareholders are likely to receive minimal recovery for their existing shares.
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2016, June, 7, 18:50:00
This arguably should have benefited the U.S. economy because lower gasoline prices aid consumers by lowering their fixed expenses. But the pain of investment losses largely outweighed the positive effects as investors from Main Street to pensions and foundations lent piles of money to speculative energy companies that looked increasingly fragile.
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2016, May, 19, 20:35:00
Oil and gas producers depend largely on bank credit lines to run their businesses. Cmpanies getting ready to restructure are working closely with their bankers before filing for bankruptcy.
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2016, May, 5, 19:10:00
The rout in crude prices is snowballing into one of the biggest avalanches in the history of corporate America, with 59 oil and gas companies now bankrupt after this week's filings for creditor protection by Midstates Petroleum MPOY.PK and Ultra Petroleum UPL.NL.