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2014-03-05 16:38:00

OIL AT USD90 BY 2020

OIL AT USD90 BY 2020

Oil price scenario for the period until 2020 anticipates a gentle decline to $90 a barrel. Given the budgetary pressures are already developing among GCC oil exporters, such a protracted decline would have negative credit implications for some countries of the GCC, Moody's stated yesterday.

"In such a scenario, sovereign credit quality in the GCC would be affected to varying degrees, with Bahrain and Oman most vulnerable to a potential downward adjustment of the sovereign ratings given their high fiscal break-even prices and declining oil production. The UAE and Saudi Arabia would, despite their large non-oil sectors relative to GCC peers, face reduced fiscal flexibility. Kuwait and Qatar have the most headroom and fiscal flexibility to withstand a protracted oil price decline",…

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Tags: OIL
OIL AT USD90 BY 2020
2019, April, 24, 11:05:00
As the BRENT surges past 73$/barrel, it's expected that Brent trades at a premium with regards to the Brent-Dubai Spread Chart.
OIL AT USD90 BY 2020
2019, April, 24, 11:00:00
Oil futures settled at fresh six-month highs Monday as the market looked at an increasingly tight global supply picture in light of the White House decision. ICE June Brent settled up $2.07/b at $74.04/b, and NYMEX May WTI settled $1.70/b higher at $65.70/b. Monday marked the highest front-month settle for both contracts since late October, just before the US sanctions snapped back.
OIL AT USD90 BY 2020
2019, April, 24, 10:55:00
Gazprom is looking to bypass Ukraine completely with the construction of the 55 Bcm/year Nord Stream 2 pipeline and the 31.5 Bcm/year TurkStream link, though some delays mean some kind of deal with Kiev will be necessary.
OIL AT USD90 BY 2020
2019, April, 24, 10:50:00
The Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP), a multilateral development financial institution, forecast in its MENA Annual Energy Investment Outlook 2019 that current and planned energy investments in the region add up to $1trn for the next five years.
OIL AT USD90 BY 2020
2019, April, 24, 10:45:00
ExxonMobil said that it signed a sales and purchase agreement with Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group for liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply. Under the agreement, Zhejiang Energy is expected to receive 1 million metric tons per annum of LNG over 20 years.
OIL AT USD90 BY 2020
2019, April, 24, 10:40:00
France's ambitious energy plan will require substantial investment efforts over the next few years. Against this backdrop, the French government has expressed a willingness to propose a new remuneration framework for the existing nuclear fleet - though the timing and details of such a regulatory change remain uncertain and remote. What's more, the French state has opened the option of increasing its stake in EDF (currently 83.7%) by as early as 2019. If, or indeed when, these developments are implemented it could be credit positive.
OIL AT USD90 BY 2020
2019, April, 24, 10:35:00
The race for investor commitments of cash and eventual market share among developers of small modular reactors (SMRs) globally is on. Developers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., South Korea, Russia, and China, and in other nations are pursuing their technology visions for a variety of designs concepts including light water (LWR), molten salt, HTGR, and other GEN IV types.
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