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2019-12-06 13:47:00

Green Workplace Summit 11 December 2019

Green Workplace Summit 11 December 2019

GREEN WORKPLACE SUMMIT- Greetings from WPS - White Paper Summits.

We would like to invite your organization to participate at the Green Workplace Summit which will focus on developing a healthy, energy-efficient and sustainable built environment for all, taking place on the 11 December 2019 in the Sultanate of Oman. The event is organized by be'ah and White Paper Summits.


The buildings and buildings construction sectors combined, are responsible for 36% of global energy consumption and nearly 40% of total direct and indirect CO2 emissions. Eliminating all GHG emissions from built environment by 2050 is a must, to achieve goals set forth by the Paris climate agreement.

Organizations must take responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by adopting sustainable operating practices. These include, setting emission reduction targets, implementing energy and water efficiency programmes, overseeing recycling efforts and green building management programmes. The Green Workplace Summit features interactive discussions on policies and solutions, that organizations can adopt to meet their commitment to fostering a sustainable environment. it will also provide the opportunity to share success stories and explore ways in which we can collectively respond to challenges.

The Summit will bring together municipal authorities, environment pioneers, sustainability leaders, waste management experts and solution providers to discuss various strategies that will encourage implementation of eco-friendly practices. The Summit will also offer unparalleled opportunities to network with peers and to explore new products, technologies and services.

Featured Presentations:

- H. H. Sheikh Dr. Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi - The Green Sheikh will be presenting "Beyond Sustainability"
- Mohammad T. Asfour - Head, MENA & Africa Regional Networks - World Green Building Council will be presenting "Greening the World - One Building at a Time"
- Farah Al Barwani - Research and Development Manager - Environmental Center of Excellence, be'ah will be presenting "Developing a Successful Waste Management"
- Nikolaus Knebel - Professor of Architectural and Urban Design - German University of Technology, Oman will be presenting a Case Study on "Shadowbox - Applying Passive Design Strategies to Office Buildings in Muscat"

Thank you.
Best Regards,
Ulrika Varela








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Green Workplace Summit 11 December 2019
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TVEL JSC has shipped to India the final consignment of uranium fuel pellets for BWR reactors and thereby fulfilled the relevant contract with the Department of Atomic Energy of the Government of India. The total volume of the supplied fuel pellets exceeded 50 tons, all shipments have carried out in 2019.
Green Workplace Summit 11 December 2019
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TVEL JSC and Kozloduy NPP have signed contractual documents for supplies of Russian nuclear fuel to the Bulgarian nuclear power plant for the period up to and including 2025.
Green Workplace Summit 11 December 2019
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Green Workplace Summit 11 December 2019
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Green Workplace Summit 11 December 2019
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Energy Week Georgia 2020, 28-30th January, Tbilisi
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