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2020-07-03 11:32:00



Australia has a real opportunity to recover its economy not only by energy efficiency but also by the Noologistical Management. Its name is derived from the ancient Greek words νόος - noo (reason) and logitsich  - logistics (the art of calculation). A detailed description of the Noologistical Management will complicate the perception of its main idea; therefore below we very briefly describe only five of its elements closest to energy efficiency:

1 energy accounting.

2 use of energy efficient energy sources.

3 energy efficient control the energy production.

4 Noologistical Management the industries.

5 Noologistical Management the energy consumption.

Energy accounting

The effectiveness of any activity is determined by the ratio of the amount of useful product obtained as a result of this activity, and the amount of product that was spent on this activity. Therefore, before calculating any effectiveness, an appropriate quantitative accounting is organized. Therefore, to calculate energy efficiency, it is necessary to create a cross-cutting quantitative accounting of energy.

It takes into account all the costs of energy spent on an energy facility throughout its entire life cycle, including: on raw materials, materials, manufacturing, transportation and construction works, maintenance, repair, commissioning, routine maintenance, its disposal, as well as energy fuel, including energy spent on its transportation and storage. Its basis is the quantitative accounting of energy is a part of accounting at all the above stages of the life cycle of each facility.

Energy accounting will provide accurate information for calculating the energy efficiency of any of the processes mentioned.

Use of energy efficient energy sources

After creating energy accounting, Australia will switch to Renewable Energy Systems (RES) of a maximum self-reproduction ratio (Kcr). They are the most energy-efficient. The value of Kcr is calculated by the formula:

Ksr = SREn / SPEn                                                                       - formula 1

Symbols in the formula 1:

SREn – a volume of the total energy production by RES for the entire duration of its work;

SPEn – a volume of the total energy costs at RES for the entire duration of its work.

Australia may introduce a minimum permitted energy efficiency limit Kcrmin and prohibit the use of RES which Kcr is less than Kcrmin, for example, less than 2.

Energy efficient control the energy production

Energy-efficient energy generation means that at each current point in time, the distribution of the total load on all energy sources should provide that the maximum value of the total self-reproduction coefficient of the entire energy grid SKcr is achieved at the current time. With this distribution, the real energy costs of its delivery for industrial use and consumption must be taken into account. This will be technically possible only when using Extreme Control of the entire energy grid in real time based on current information. Such Extreme Control has become available now. The use of Optimal Control based on large arrays of statistical information (Big Data) provides neither real-time control nor maximum energy efficiency.

Noologistical Management of industries

Noologistic Management of industries means the use of facilities with minimal environmental impact and Extreme Control their work in real time. Extreme Control automatically maintains the extreme of the any parameter value of the facility in real time under real environmental conditions in compliance with safety and stability requirements, including or:

  • the maximum possible performance of the facility;
  • the specified performance of the facility at the lowest possible cost in monetary terms;
  • the specified performance of the facility at the lowest possible energy costs;
  • the specified performance of the facility at a possible minimum CO2 emission;
  • the specified performance of the facility at a possible minimum total environmental impact;
  • the specified performance of the facility at any other extreme;
  • the specified performance of the facility at a specified compromise between any mentioned extremes;
  • transition from any extreme mode of operation of the facility mentioned above to any other mode.

Australia can encourage private enterprises to operate in extreme environmental protection regimes.

Noologistical Management the energy consumption.

Energy consumption by people should be legally divided into primary and secondary ones. Primary consumption is designed to meet the vital needs of people without any restrictions, regardless of their ability to pay for energy consumed. Secondary energy consumption is designed to meet the secondary needs of people on a paid basis with the possibility of limitation for economic and technical reasons, including increasing the sustainability and energy efficiency of the entire energy supply system. Both of these types of energy consumption should be taken into account in the work of the so-called “Noologistical Meters”.

Noologistical Meters should interact in real time with the control system of the entire power supply grid to eliminate the possibility of blackout. This is achieved by carefully shutting off part of the secondary consumption for an imperceptibly short time for the consumer at the time of dangerous load peaks. In addition, they participate in the energy-efficient redistribution of the total load between energy sources.


We look forward to details on how Australia will combine economic recovery and energy efficiency. We are ready to cooperate for increasing its economic recovery.


Vladimir V. Matveev Director of project, mob. tel.: +79114524562 (Viber, WatsApp), e-mail:, site:

Vladimir V. Matveev Director of project, mob. tel.: +79114524562 (Viber, WatsApp),

e-mail:, site:

Valery V. Matveev Vice Director for R&D of project, mob. tel.: +48519792559 (WatsApp), e-mail:, site: 

Valery V. Matveev Vice Director for R&D of project, mob. tel.: +48519792559 (WatsApp),

e-mail:, site: